Missing Eclipses

Beyond the Sphere

I’m fascinated by the skies, you may or may not be aware. If I’m not flying around in them, I’m staring upwards. Sometimes at the sky, sometimes beyond it. My head is very often up in the clouds… I’m either daydreaming or looking to see something magical happen.

There’s a Lunar Eclipse taking place right now, as I type. I can’t see it, however, the Moon is too low down in the sky – or too covered by cloud… the latter is usually the case when a Great Celestial Event takes place. I tend to miss them, although I did manage to see the Solar Eclipse last year – and get some pretty good photos too… the cloud cover actually helped that day!

This is the best photo I took without reflection. The Sun looks like the Moon here, so I’m pretending this is how the Full Moon looked earlier…

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