A tribute to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam – a Scientific Statesman, a Spiritualist Visionary

Magnanimous Word

Last week, say around 6 days ago, some Indian online newspaper had published a news story related to India’s former President and esteemed scientist, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The story made readers feel as if he had passed away.

Such news, though I later discovered it to be untrue, was like a shock. The controversial news story had spread around when somebody had put a garland on Dr Kalam’s picture, and it was assumed by some group as disrespectful. As per Indian customs, putting a garland around his picture became symbolic of his worldly demise. Thus, it was just a rumor that became a silly eye-catching headline.

This story particularly caught my attention because I had met this great man in 2011 during his inspirational lecture at University of Sydney, in Sydney.

After I read the above fake news, the same evening I ended up reading more about Dr Kalam’s life-story and…

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