Applied Psychology

An unputdownable story… seemingly, everything happening in front of YOU. Superb!

Tales of The Opal Moon


The infant in my lap was asleep in a drug induced slumber. A smear of opium on her lips has done the trick.  She looked as if she was dead. I sat on the busy footpath outside Masjid Railway Station and looked around with hopeless eyes. A small pile of coins and notes were before me, of which I was totally oblivious. I was staring forlornly at the innocent sleeping face, tears in my eyes. My tattered but clean dress bespoke of my past glory and current badluck. This was my style! 

People think that begging is the easiest thing in the world and can be done by anyone. I beg your pardon, O stranger! Have you ever tried to borrow a considerable sum of money from that stingy friend of yours? Have you been snubbed or given an excuse by him? Then you know how difficult it is to…

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