The Honour? That Caused Many Innocents Killed!

Our Indian society is largely an assorted lot of the motley crowd with varied thinking — often, people at large are mutually in sync with each other; however certain times they exhibit divergent views, which lead them to strike incoherent voices of the dissent on one or multiple issues of their concerns. We celebrate a chain of the festivals, because we share our common beliefs and traditions on various occasions — we rejoice occasions those are consequences of our social ties — we also celebrate the occasions, which are awarded by constitutional institutions through a system like that on getting aspired jobs, career opportunities, academic achievements and state honours etc for sterling services, outstanding contributions that enriches the community, society or country as a whole. But is that all? Perhaps, No! We just can’t see the world through rosy lenses. We’ve to cover extra miles, and introspect into certain areas of the darkness also that lies within.

It’s our misery as a human — or the quirk of the destinies that certain lives meet with the ill fate, and that too due to illogical thinking, unfounded beliefs, pseudo ideals, myths and loco regional milieu. Honour killings ! The killings that’s perhaps committed in the raze by someone or one’s behest, in direct blood relationship, just for protecting a falsehood: the honour that’s perceived supreme by one or one’s family or relatives. In the certain North Indian patches, where we, off and on, get to know inter-caste or inter-faith love affairs, relationships and marriages are sometimes jinxed with such gruesome episodes. It’s learnt, often the direct relatives just for maintaining their pride and honour? are allegedly the ones who commit it due to their subversive disposition of the mind or on the behest of kangaroo courts, which in some cases are told to have issued the diktat for punishing the presumptive moral offenders, of their sectorial beliefs, severely. Though, our media, in the recent past, has tried them, as much as it can. Our courts are also hearing the cases for doling out the justice to the victims… but no judicial system can reverse the life once lost.

People are often seen more conscious about their face value in their community than they actually should hold in their own eyes… they turn a deaf ear to the inner voice of their conscience, and are fully in the possession of the raze, which they smouldered with. Question pops up before us is, why so? and that too in a world, which now we claim an evolved society to live? It’s perhaps, for the reasons we are still grappling with the myths, misconceptions, superstitions, orthodoxies, ignorance and misunderstanding about the causes of our existence as a human race.

Scientifically, no one in this world is on the charity of the rest, however for our comforts and welfare, better we live together and support the rest through our skills and contributions. We must be more receptive and responsible to others. People need to learn how to respect the dignity of the mankind both in singularity or plurality. We’ll have to admit, the individual’s freedom is biggest gift of the nature, and we must uphold it, under any circumstances. And similarly, the two people always have liberty to chose the nature of the relationship they mutually should have, and the rest must honour it. It’s also the high time, when are enforcement agencies be wary about the human rights, and ensure that no one is deprived of one’s rights… only then we can claim ourselves civilised.


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