Moral Decay Precipitating into a Social Disaster!

Our Indian society now seems to be very conducive to the growth and prosperity of the astute guys, who know how to exploit the weaknesses of a decrepit system — sycophants, stooges and opportunists have occupied the centre stage, and also holding the bridle of newly fangled social transformation. And it’s a death knell of a society that has its roots into a great civilisation. However, subsequent evolutions in the ethos and mores of contemporary society were unavoidable, which could fit in well with the life styles and comforts of the people.

Accidentally, we’re now consigned to a rowdy and insolent generation for our survival — they commute unchecked, in the corridors of power and flaunt their influence; and if you really have to survive in the world, peacefully, then they’re the ones, whom you cannot turn a blind eye anymore, Intellectual integrity of the intelligentsia is on the stake and under pressure to stoop down.

It’s miserable! the dross of our society, which was kept at at distance from civilised sections, are eventually, in sync with the mainstream of the system. They were once at the protege of the powerful…they would seek patronage of the influentials — politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, though it was no way justifiable even then, yet they’d their limitations. But, now scenario is changed. They’re driving the business — the corrupts, criminals and swindlers have directly chuck off the hat to contest against the educated and civilised men — and most of the time they’ve routed the men with clean image with great credentials. Why is so? Perhaps, the fears of retaliations and vindication by the criminals and goons. The educated voices are silenced, and abuses are hurled upon those who gather courage to stand against.

The solutions are remote and limited… accessibility is poor, acceptance is even much more poorer. Only way is educate ourselves both in material and spirituality. Deist from admiration of the powerful and notorious mean, who flex their muscles to achieve their goals. We must set our ideals, but the role models, which are seasonable — let’s eschew from them, maintain consistency in our idea and ideology, and be the avant grade of the change, which we look out for in our milieu and society as a whole.


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