Life’s a chain of the events, but that one event…

Life’s a chain of the events, but that one event, which transforms you into what you either want to be or you don’t. It’s just one event, one decision or one occasion that changes you and your life, forever. Don’t let any moment pass you by, unnoticed… who knows that moment is a vent to expurgate your pent up emotions or to fulfil your greatest aspirational goal or anything likewise. Circumstances, sometimes are very compelling and importunate visitors. Nevertheless, sometimes very conducive too — and thus, we are charged up to live our lives, zestfully.

One approbation, filled with an ocean of the love in your beloved’s eyes for you  — that you might’ve longed for years to behold to hold her hand, in the turn against your earnest desires transported you to ecstasies — however, on the contrary, one denial or one disapprobation of the beloved  —leaves you dejected, somewhat melancholic and abjectly disappointed. Essentially! Not with everyone, but certainly with most of us, these are eventualities, in galore.

Similarly! One successful job interview that opens new vistas for a prolific career thereafter, against the equally strong possibilities of the rejection. On both occasions, we pass through intensity of the different emotions and realise the impacts of such moments, day-by-day and year-by-year. An outstanding performance that brings before you, a legion of the fans with the eyes filled with love and admiration — a public glare for maintaining the bar further revitalises and set a challenge before you; but the same love, affection and admiration doesn’t last long, in the absence of a consistent performance, and it doesn’t matter what your workplace or the domain of your business is. You’ve to undergo rigorous trials, and deal with the throes of failures too. Nothing! Whether success or failure will last till, eternity.

We need love, admiration and patronage of our loved one, and this is why we are wary and scared of even a presumptive slip… that can throw us in the world of obscurity. So, don’t let any moments pass by, unnoticed… because, any moment, any event can fillip you to the platform, which you’ve wistfully been waiting for years. Life is short, don’t wait for the next turn. Try your luck just now, and believe in yourself — every moment is auspicious for you… escape all the regrets and compunctions for having not been an ace to be what you wanted to be, in the yore — especially, when outcomes are unfavourable.


4 thoughts on “Life’s a chain of the events, but that one event…

  1. Very well said. Every moment of life matters and we should always be on our toes always to grab the opportunities coming our way as there is only one life to live.

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